meet FUEL!

FUEL works with brands, companies and products on marketing/communications, project management and event level. FUEL develops, steers and creates.


FUEL was founded in 2012 by Lars Meekel. Since then he has provided marketing services to clients in various industries across Europe.

How we do it

Imagine having an idea, concept or event. But what is missing is a creative solution, hands on execution or a dedicated team able that is able to deliver that creative concept. Our strength is thinking with you, not for you.


With over fourteen years of international experience we have managed a wide range of marketing/communication projects and assignments (both strategic and executional) for larger (inter)national clients.

We have developed and implemented on- and offline marketing/communication strategies for brands and products. FUEL created sales and POS materials, product leaflets and has written copy for releases and sales tools.  We dealt with complicated development processes such as packaging programms and corporate branding tools.

FUEL conceptualised, strategised, planned and produced internal and external press and sales events and executed events on our clients’ behalf.  We are your end-to-end event partner. Creating concepts and budgets, planning and event production. From technical aspects and suppliers, castings, run of shows to travel and even accommodation.

Private events such as meeting, dinners, tours or travel are executed upon request. Always with the highest level of discretion.


We prepare in detail and deliver on time. When you do not have the time to make it your priority, we make it ours.  Long or short term – we’ve got your back.







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